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What is software quality, and how do you manage it in an agile project?

You have been in this situation. You work on a user story, the story has been estimated for 5 story points. And you know how it goes, the team or the manager translated that to 20 hours of work. While thinking about the code that is needed, you see that existing code, created in previous user stories, needs to be refactored to accomodate the new bits. That is, if you want the code base as a whole to be of high quality.

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The no sprint agile project

A sprint is defined as a limited period of time in which a number of features are created and added to an application or system. A sprint starts with a formal startup event and usually ends with a demonstration of what has been created in the sprint. What are the benefits of sprints?

Most articles quote “focus” as the main benefit of a sprint. I don’t see how sprints create focus, or how this “focus” helps the project. A project methodology should help create a product of higher quality with more features at lower cost. I don’t see how sprints contribute to this.

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